Book reviews

What makes a good page turner? Anyone seeking the answer needs only to devour the final fifty or so pages of Bad Apples. Allow yourself to be drawn in – which is a hands down certainty in itself – and you will be turning pages with increasing rapidity, helpless to resist. Desperate to know the outcome. Curbing impatience. Reining in an inevitable urge to skip ahead. This is the third of Will Dean’s deeply atmospheric thrillers featuring deaf journalist Tuva Moodyson. Again she is embroiled in the eerie closed-in communities of Sweden’s northern forests. A harsh land of hard-living people;… Continue reading

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GET out and start walking. This is the advice continually given to sufferers from all manner of ills, mental and physical and everything in between. And by and large, lacing up the trainers and putting one foot in front of the other does seem to be part of the answer. Or at least an excellent way of making the world begin to seem a better place. Raynor Winn and her terminally ill husband, Moth, would certainly attest to that. Although they did rather take the idea to extremes when they stuffed minimal gear into rucksacks last used in their long… Continue reading