MEMORIES never fade of taking the terrifying walk over the divide that once existed between East and West Germany . Trigger-ready guards at your back; trigger-ready guards ahead.  One wrong move, however innocent or accidental, and . . . It didn’t bear thinking about. But, nevertheless, you did. Think about it. Every step of the way; and beyond, always looking for followers, watchers, anyone whose presence could be queried. The brain made a rapid recall of all those stories of would-be escapists from the East who failed to make it across the desolate divide. Those who had been dragged back,… Continue reading

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Apologies for the long silence on the book review front. There’s no real excuse apart from being busy editing other writers’ books. This means scant time or energy remains for more reading at the end of a busy day. And the hillock of books for review is fast becoming a high tor. So much easier, and generally more relaxing, to slump in front of the telly and wallow in the visual interpretation rather than focus tired eyes on the written original. Often one is confronted with a BYGOF situation; a two for one – book and film – that tends… Continue reading