It’s time for members of the BBC’s weekly book discussion group to emerge from Between The Covers and broaden their field of vision. Doing so might change their outdated and somewhat snobbish attitudes to the vast world of crime fiction. Even put some excitement and joy into their studiously serious lives. This tired old viewpoint was well demonstrated  in a recent program in which the entire panel expressed little knowledge of crime fiction. They seemed aghast that anyone could even consider it as “serious” writing. Clearly it is not for them. Nor for any “serious” readers. Heaven forbid that works… Continue reading

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RARELY do I allow my bedtime reading to rob me of much-needed sleep. The temptation is often there but has to be resisted if next day is not to be write-off. Bit like drinking red wine; the extra glass (or two) rarely justifies the inevitable frowziness and inertia that follow. However, this latest creation of star crime writer Mark Billingham proved to be a rare exception. Loss of sleep was a small price to pay to see how the continually intriguing Rabbit Hole would end. The minutes and then the hours rolled by. On beyond midnight. Into the wee small… Continue reading