STARTING a previously unread book is a journey into the unknown, but one full of hope and expectation. Perhaps it’s sparked by an intriguing review, or an enthusiastic word of mouth recommendation. Maybe fellow book bloggers – at least those with no axe to grind or promoters to please – have heaped praise on the clever plot, brilliant writing or spellbinding narrative. Or it was stumbled across when navigating Goodreads’  bewildering maze of  rants and opinions. Sometimes it results from the sudden sighting of the latest creation of a favourite writer. It is impatiently seized upon, a here and now… Continue reading

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FAME is a wonderful thing; it overrides ability in so many fields of endeavour. But nowhere more so than in the world of publishing. There the principle is simple: names sell. Celebrity is everything. Much to the chagrin of authors who have spent years honing their craft. Facebook “likes”, Instagram followers, Twitter retweets; these are the factors that matter. All else comes a distant second. A post-publication floodtide of appearances on chat shows, news magazine couches and celebrity panels is a given. An extended fifteen minutes of fame to ensure these literary creations (a very loose description) achieve the greatest… Continue reading