Crime fiction

AND now for something completely different with a truly gripping thriller from a source not previously sampled. After years of immersion in the tide of Scandi Noir, I am stepping out into fresh fields with a switch to German Noir. Well, completely different and fresh for this reader, although no doubt it has been flourishing at home and abroad for quite some time. After all, the Germans have long been renowned as voracious devourers of crime fiction across its many sub genres. So it is natural to assume there exists also a pool of home-grown crime fiction talent. And here… Continue reading

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An update. After a bad case of  writer’s block we find our sleuth taking an uneasy interlude over coffee and cake. A brief extract from book #6, as yet untitled, in the ongoing series of crime fiction featuring Bromo Perkins. FINDING the way to Grains, Beans and Leaves needed no help from satnav or Google. A sign saying Follow Your Nose would have sufficed. The enticing smell of fresh baking wafting out through the café’s two sets of open double doors scented the way for anyone not familiar this essential stopover for the town’s residents. It was the go-to place for breads… Continue reading