Crime fiction

IN these uncertain times (I write in the era of Covid-19) there is little better than delving into a book knowing that satisfaction is guaranteed. Plot, characters and dialogue will meld into a teasingly enjoyable story of good fighting evil with at least some measure of justice being served. The good guys will at times act roguishly, even illegally, and the evildoers will deceive with kind deeds and winning ways. Deception and duplicity play for both sides. How The Dead Speak is (by rough reckoning) Val McDermid’s 33rd crime novel and the eleventh in the series featuring psychologist Tony Hill and… Continue reading

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A few paces on and he stopped at the entrance where he had seen the skinny youth enter and emerge. The sign was in full view, Skippers Ope. One skipper or many, he mused; something only a relentless pedant would worry about. Daylight was fading. The ope was an unlit passage between neighbouring terraced houses, roofed by where the upper level walls met.  Bromo looked around. No one to be seen. Curiosity got the better of him and he stepped gingerly into the ope, towards a faint glow several yards further on. The ground was gravel, the walls scuffed and cracked,… Continue reading