Crime fiction

For once I can use the phrase “a true page turner” with utter conviction. And happily add the clumsier “unputdownable”. This novel fully merits both descriptions. And though I am not one of those speed readers who can zip through a book in a single session, I was close to achieving that feat on this occasion. It grips, intrigues and enthrals. Fittingly it cannot be neatly slotted into any one genre – certainly not basic crime fiction, although a crime is committed (or is it?) and there is a shadowy detective hovering in the background keeping a watchful eye on… Continue reading

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My first tentative venture into crime fiction occurred many years, even decades, ago. As tends to be my way of doing things, I started writing and let the characters lead me. Chief among them was a mild and insignificant denizen of suburban life, Garfield Parks. Why he was called that, I have no idea; that back story had yet to be discovered and written. Then other things intervened: work, business, life and love among them. Garfield and his troubles were set aside for another time – one that never arrived. Fortunately I did at least transcribe this hand-written tale from… Continue reading