Like all the best villians they creep up without warning. Seconds later, their deadly effect has been suffered. As sudden and unexpected as we see in the movies, or in the endless succession of gory TV dramas. Or read in the plethora of crime fiction. It’s all over before the victim  has time to sense there is danger in the air, the garotte has been tightened or the knife thrust hard into the ribs and given a vicious twist. Or some other bloody ending  has been rendered. Like a speeding car hurtling out of nowhere towards the unsuspecting victim. Just… Continue reading

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TWENTY-FIVE thousand? Really? Did I read that correctly? Surely someone with stuttering fingers has been clicking the head-counter at Sharm-al-Sheikh. Or perhaps Rishi has seconded a number-cruncher from the Treasury (you know how good they are with numbers) to lend a hand with collating the stats at Cop27. Whatever the answer, it seems staggering beyond belief that there are 25,000 people gathered in “an Egyptian resort town known for its sheltered sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs.” And which winds around Naama Bay with its “palm tree-lined promenade, filled with bars and restaurants.” Not dozens of them, or even… Continue reading