SOMETHING’S not right. I already had my suspicions but chose to ignore them. Now I fear that is no longer possible; recent events have convinced me so. Time to face the fact: incidents of going into another room and not remembering why you did so are commonplace in one’s more senior years. At first, they are mostly dismissed with a chuckle. Silly old me, next I’ll be forgetting my own name. Tut, tut. Not something to be taken seriously; more to have a laugh about with one’s contemporaries. As with opening the fridge door and staring blankly at the contents,… Continue reading

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Living, coping and observing in the age of Covid #2

02 Jan 2021: SAME old, same old. Here we go again. Back on the media roundabout as the familiar format for each year’s beginning is once more regurgitated. Not even all the shifts in lifestyles forced upon us by the pandemic’s restrictions and changes can bring about a fresh approach. Editors, producers, writers, bloggers and vloggers without a single new idea or approach among them. Unaware that January 2021 is NOT the same as January 2020. The world was different then. As it was twelve months before that. Continue reading