OKAY, so life’s a journey. We all know that; it has been stated often enough. We also know, as with any journey, there will inevitably be stops, delays, breakdowns, detours, U-turns and even the need for spare parts and replacements. There will be tears and laughter; excruciating sadness and unfettered joy. Far less certain is where and when it will end, and how long it will last. It can be brutally curtailed far too soon or  painfully extended beyond a bearable use-by date. Then there are those who, by comparison, set out from southern parts for Edinburgh and now find… Continue reading

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Looking good in a designer’s eyes but unfit for purpose EVERY day I am confronted by a very visible and irritating triple reminder of one of the more regrettable recent errors of my ways. A stark and unavoidable footnote to a rash and impetuous decision. One that was needlessly expensive but which I am condemned to live with unless I spend yet more money. They sit there, always in view, smug and complacent. A 120mm x 170mm rug  in two shades of oatmeal.  This languishes at the foot of  a two-seater sofa clothed in what is described as a light… Continue reading