Living, coping and observing in the age of Covid #9

NO doubt the nation’s heart has gone out to another victim of the pandemic. Fortunately it is Random Acts of Kindness Week (yes, really) and help may soon be on its way to this poor soul. There are likely numerous others in much the same situation. However, they will get overlooked for they lack the necessary power and persuasion. They can merely sympathise and pray this unfortunate being soon receives all the support and assistance she deserves. After all, who could not be moved by the plight of… Continue reading

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OKAY, so life’s a journey. We all know that; it has been stated often enough. We also know, as with any journey, there will inevitably be stops, delays, breakdowns, detours, U-turns and even the need for spare parts and replacements. There will be tears and laughter; excruciating sadness and unfettered joy. Far less certain is where and when it will end, and how long it will last. It can be brutally curtailed far too soon or  painfully extended beyond a bearable use-by date. Then there are those who, by comparison, set out from southern parts for Edinburgh and now find… Continue reading