Modern life

BOUGHT a couple of bottles of alcohol-free wine. One a bubbly, the other labelled as a Merlot. Friends and dearly beloveds familiar with my past indiscretions might be worried about my sanity on hearing this news. Wondering if this statement is another piece of  fiction. Or whether years of running have finally taken their toll. But such fears and suppositions are mostly way off track. Certainly my booze consumption is these days much reduced from what once would be the norm. Something to do with changing tastes and habits as the years tick by. Another  inevitable consequence of ageing. However,… Continue reading

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ALMOST daily we are urged to place our trust in rapidly advancing new technology. The catch-cry is “Get Smart”.  It is almost biblical in its unwavering insistence. Accept and ye shall be saved. Adapt to everything smart and ye shall enter the Elysian uplands where all the gizmos and contraptions that surround us will cease to cause the unending irritation, time-wasting, stress and anger that we inexplicably accept as normal. From smart meters unable to communicate, through smart phones dependent on unreliable networks to death-trap smart motorways this smart new age is anything but. Had it not been recently condemned… Continue reading