Modern life

SOMETHING’S not right. I already had my suspicions but chose to ignore them. Now I fear that is no longer possible; recent events have convinced me so. Time to face the fact: incidents of going into another room and not remembering why you did so are commonplace in one’s more senior years. At first, they are mostly dismissed with a chuckle. Silly old me, next I’ll be forgetting my own name. Tut, tut. Not something to be taken seriously; more to have a laugh about with one’s contemporaries. As with opening the fridge door and staring blankly at the contents,… Continue reading

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Living, coping and observing in the age of Covid #4

SO many Covid conundrums to confuse and ponder. The more our masters attempt to clarify, the murkier the restrictions become. How far from one’s home is “a reasonable distance” yet close enough to be accepted as an exercise zone? Precisely what qualifies as an “open space” for a lone aerobics session when golf courses are deemed out of bounds but footballers can cluster and carouse to their hearts’ content? Bafflement has become a constant condition of this puzzled soul. Another bout assailed me as I walked a cautious… Continue reading