Modern life

MOSTLY  I tend to ignore the endless flood of social media challenges nominating me to participate in the latest “Ten of …” lists. My main reason is an abiding suspicion of all posts that come without an identifiable source. Their origins are hidden deep beyond the “friend” who is suggesting I spend ten days naming my favourite books, films, meals, destinations or whatever. Who creates these supposedly fun diversions for bored minds? Where do they originate? They are on a par, and probably just as dangerous in terms of online security, with the many anonymous posts that insist you do… Continue reading

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It is sprats for dinner tonight. How many years has it been since I heard those words? Far too many, sad to say. Such a simple pleasure, and so damned tasty too. And healthy as well, for we are now frequently told that oily fish should be a regular part of our diet – information we neither knew nor cared about in those far off days. Sprats were sprats, there to be savoured and enjoyed. End of story. Part of the weekaday home-cooked fare. But how often are they seen in the homes of today or on the menus of… Continue reading