Modern life

Shopping cycle, courtesy Raoul Cross, Unsplash LITTLE wonder it is called a freedom machine. One that becomes more and more so as the years (and miles) roll by. I refer, of course, to that two-wheeled wonder, the bicycle. Thanks to the recent addition of electrical power,  it is now a pleasure that even ancient limbs can continue to enjoy. It has been transformed from being a single gear contrivance requiring maximum physical effort from all but the fittest user into a conveyance causing not a single trickle of sweat. Where once it was more often walked rather than ridden up… Continue reading

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THE human body is a wonderful thing, but it does have a mind of its own. A mind that overrides opposition, one that will rarely accept deviation from the course it has set itself upon. And thus it was at precisely 2.53 pm today that it made an unheralded announcement: a truce would be called forthwith and all hostilities waged for the past several days would cease. There would be an immediate end to the seemingly endless sweating/shivering, coughing, spluttering, hacking, headache, chest pains, inertia and  unsteadyness that had assailed my meagre frame since going to bed fit, healthy and… Continue reading