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WHEN trawling through the innumerable Facebook pages devoted to crime fiction it seems as if Australia has resumed its status of more than two hundred years ago; a distant, unknown, almost unheard of land in danger of falling off the edge of the world. And this was before Covid-19 persuaded its dithering ensemble of state governments to isolate it and its citizens from contact with anyone beyond its borders. It has long been hugely rare for Australia’s many crime writers ever to rate a mention in  UK lists of highly recommended works. Avid readers of this popular genre seem unaware… Continue reading

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WOULD it be churlish to suggest that Naomi Osaka, the new prima donna of the tennis world, takes a vow of silence for a week or two? Is it showing lack of empathy or understanding to recommend she has a long and deep session of introspection and self-examination; to think hard  before venting any more of her thoughts and tantrums on a world already burdened with plenty of somewhat more serious issues than her relationship with the media? We will accept that she, along with thousands of others, has “mental issues” (the popular catchphrase) to deal with. Also that they… Continue reading