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DINERS everywhere are champing at the bit. No more heavy dependence on takeaways and ready meals. No more huddling outdoors beneath heaters and umbrellas to “enjoy” a meal with family and friends. We can venture inside our favourite restaurants to escape the British summer’s Atlantic gales; seated at table, a menu to peruse, staff to bring our food and drink. Just like “normal” times. Well, not quite. There will be limitations on numbers, seating and layouts, protocols to follow, regulations to adhere to. The “new normal” as it is tagged. On the other hand, some things never change. Our palates… Continue reading

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NAH, it can’t be that good. Surely not. Must be because its cover has a celebrity’s name taking top billing as the author. Another example of vanity publishing, selling by popularity rather than content. Probably ghost written too. Isn’t that how it goes; win the public’s heart through the telly or sport then cash in with a quick book or two? Lurking behind such doubts is the tidal wave of praise for Richard Osman‘s first venture into crime writing. Such a tsunami  has been impossible to avoid. The TV host, producer, creative brain and all-round Mr Nice Guy has won… Continue reading