CAN’T help thinking we have reached peak Osman. Urgent action is needed; metaphorically, it is time to paddle for the beach before being engulfed in the succession of tidal boomers  heading our way. Nowhere will be safe. Hide under a rock if you wish, but that offers no guarantee of escape. Osmania is sweeping the land. If you think Covid was bad (a bit of blind optimism there), just wait until the full promotional force of the booksellers’ armoury gathers max momentum. Its guns are fully loaded and primed. Some have already fired their first salvos. Their ammunition is forged… Continue reading

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PERHAPS this blog post should come with an advisory caution; like those that precede some of the raunchier dramas screened on post-watershed TV. A warning about bad language or offensive dialogue. Displaying an awareness of some readers’ fragile sensibilities.  Guarding against young minds being led down sinful paths; the elderly… Continue reading
THE prime reason we write is to communicate with others. This applies whether it be with one other person or with the masses devouring the latest scandal or disaster. Nowhere is this more true than in the print media. Newspapers need to be quickly and clearly understood by the widest possible audience. No going back to check the meaning, no hesitating over awkward phrasing. Clarity is everything. The onus on the writer is to ensure readers can understand what is written with ease and without question. Immediate comprehension is the goal. Unfortunately, such seemingly simple aims are not always achieved. Continue reading