So many books, so little time WITH more hours being expended on reducing the Bedside Reading Pile (BRP) even less time is free to deal with those  consigned to the Books For Review (BFR) category. The BRP pile climbs relentlessly higher, while the BFR queue grows longer and longer. Far from a win-win situation, more one of loss-loss. Although reading rarely deserves to be categorised in negative terms. Soon I’ll need a refresher course  on the BFR volumes before fair comments can be made. Plots forgotten, characters melding into a single collective gallery of goodies and baddies and all but… Continue reading

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EMERGENCY service workers are well known for their macabre sense of humour; for having a giggle with the gore.  It is, as they will attest, the only way they can cope with the scenes that daily confront them.  The dead and dying, the mortally mangled, bodies broken almost beyond repair. Situations that have to be dealt with humanely, immediately and without flinching. No turning away, no averting the eyes but stepping bravely into the chaos and mayhem ahead. Scenarios of such awfulness that their full horror is rarely revealed to the public at large. It is an immersive experience no… Continue reading