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Cover up

Despicable though it is that personal websites are being hacked and the material widely distributed, it is difficult to have much sympathy for the “personalities” who suffer such indignities.

If you do allow yourself to be photographed in the all-together, why post the results on the internet if they are intended strictly for private consumption?

If you are willing to flaunt yourself in such fashion – and really who cares? – does it really matter if everyone can take a peep? You live by exposing yourself to the world at large. You spend your lives flaunting your bodies,  dressed in the barest of outfits, going naked whenever the “artistic” occasion demands it of you. So what’s one more naked body among the acres of flesh with which we are daily confronted.

And, really, what is there to get all that excited about? We all know what lies beneath – a naked body is a naked body. It is either male or female and from an early age we have learnt to spot the difference.  Despite the way the media likes to stir up excitement about the fleshy exposure of so-called celebrities, there is really little to get all that excited about. Seen one, seen all.

But if you really don’t want the rest of us to see you in the nuddy, stop taking the pictures. And if you truly can’t resist, stop sending them out to where others can access them.

Better still, put some clothes on. After all, we all look better that way.

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