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Picture: Oliver Hall, Unsplash

A holiday in Looe could get lost in translation

BOOKING a holiday in Cornwall?

Better make sure your agent puts it in writing.

Think of the poor souls desperate for a summer break who decided on a couple of weeks along the sunny (?) Cornish Riviera.

Suddenly they find part of their time in a holiday park perched on the North Coast cliffs could be spent cleaning the toilets for their fellow guests (a misnomer for paying customers).

For these unfortunates, time in lieu or a break in Looe suddenly takes on a new meaning.

Like so much else these days, it’s all down to Covid. So many key staff at the holiday park have had to self isolate that there are not enough left to clean the loos.

Thus the resourceful management is asking its guests to lend a hand; hopefully clad in thick rubber gloves.

It calls upon “the Dunkirk spirit”, which seems a rather long leap to make. Being strafed and bombed on Normandy’s beaches is not quite comparable to swabbing urinals and unblocking toilets at a Cornish holiday park.

Anyway, that horse bolted ages ago.

These days it is more the Me, Me, Me, Spirit. And don’t you dare muck around with my holiday; I was meant to be getting paralytic  on the Costa del Booze not necking Tributes while it piddles down in Padstow.

Or Looe. Or the loo.







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