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Little darling snowflakes

Is there anyone out there who is not suffering from a complaint, an allergy, a put-down, a slight, oppression, depression, stress (usually self-inflicted), sidelining or some feeling of inadequacy or discrimination?

There is almost a daily queue to voice a complaint of being attacked or assaulted mentally or emotionally. When analysed, the allegations seem to be more of a slight or minor insult rather than anything truly major.

Something said in the heat of the moment perhaps.  The sort of thing that once would have been answered with an equally sharp rebuke or, better still, by a not-bothered shrug of the shoulders or a single “whatever”.

The bulldog spirit has been replaced by the wimpy yapping of toy dogs, those trendy pets for which there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their existence.

The latest sad souls to voice their oppression belong to that group claiming to have been burdened by the label of “the snowflake generation”.

These three words are intended to categorise the growing number of young people (say from 16- to 24-years-old) who demonstrate a heightened sensitivity to the world they have been doomed to inhabit.

They are not merely affronted by the term, but claim it has a negative effect on their mental health.  It is one more aspect of daily life to add to the lengthy list of what they find so hard to bear.

Poor little darlings.

Life’s like that; get on with it.

Face up to it. Take it on the chin. Bite back.  Laugh at it even. Square the shoulders and confront adversity full-on.

But they can’t do that. They say they are facing ever more stress, anxiety and depression.  To be called “the snowflake generation” simply increases their burden.

One solution would, of course, be to remove the cause of their stress (as it would for all of us).  So much of it is related to technology, its use and what it purveys, that a major step would be to find the Off button and press down hard.

Another would be to stop thinking that true success and happiness is to be found by way of the X-Factor, You Tube, reality shows and endless posting on Instagram and its numerous clones.

Stress and the mental health issues that it breeds are largely home-grown.  They are spawned internally by warped thinking  and endless agonising over issues that should be totally ignored.

There is a delicious irony in today’s “news” that the snowflake generation are alleging that the term is damaging their mental health.

Isn’t that precisely what one would expect of such wimps – and is why they have been labelled as snowflakes?

Get over it. Go for a walk. Read a book. Think of something other than your self-absorbed, self-pitying persona.

Quick, before you melt away to nothing.


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