There are days when this already enjoyable job provides additional pleasure.

Such as today with my ongoing mentoring of a writer’s work in progress and the arrival of another two chapters.

It is such a joy to read. The writer combines lovely descriptive passages  with taut and cliché-free dialogue to paint a seductive picture of refreshingly different characters in a fascinatingly different environment.

Then there is the pleasure of the to and fro of discussion that ranges from the large-scale issues of plot and voice down to such detailed specifics  as whether a single word is correct, or even needed.

I am being taken on a ride that gets more exciting as each chapter arrives for review and it becomes increasingly evident that the more that is written, the more confident the writer becomes.

We are about a quarter of the way in and he’s really beginning to hit his straps. He’s off and running.

Watch this space.

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