Resolutions? Let’s do this together or not at all

Thinking about this resolution thingy.

The reality is it depends on others. No point in giving up the drink unless your booze-buddies do likewise, or you’ll have little support. Same with the fags. And the diet. And the “join a gym” promise to oneself.

Resolutions need to be a mass initiative to be of any use. A community effort, A group determination.

Why vow to spend less time on the internet/phone if all around you persist in making that the primary source of communication with you? Why spend a big dollop of your hard-earned on gym membership if your mates have all absconded to wipe themselves out at the pub? It’s got be a “one in, all in” effort.

My new year, for example, would be much improved:

* if the back-stabbers sheathed their weapons;
* if the talkers became listeners;
* if the closed minds became open to considering other views;
* if “we’ve always done it this way” became “let’s try something new”;
* if the words compromise and dialogue were added to their vocabulary;
* if those who always say “I know” for once said “that’s interesting”;
* if dialogue replaced diatribe;
* if flexibility replaced intransigence;
* and if loyalty was allocated at least some recognition.

But I know pigs don’t fly.

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