Sorry, but it is all about ME

Among the more puzzling posts to my Facebook page was the recent clearly admonitory “Why is it all about you?”
My immediate reaction was a Simpsoneque “Doh!” Was it really necessary to explain that the millions of FB users worldwide are there to let others know what they are thinking, doing, feeling, planning and even eating?
It is, in short, “all about ME” – not about anyone else. It keeps them in touch 24/7 with family, friends, colleagues and the world at large; often with people thousands of miles away and with who it is so easy to lose touch.
What is so hard to understand about that? And, more importantly, why the snarky comment?
It is not lessened by appending a glib and meaningless LOL tag. This generally rates on a par with the xx frequently used by people who would turn both cheeks if one got within pecking distance of them; they would rather exchange kisses with a puffer fish.
The interesting point here, and why it gave such cause for thought, is that the comment was posted by one of Facebook’s all too many fringe-dwellers; the people who tend to hide behind false names and avatars, provide no personal details and often keep their own pages private.
They are the snipers of the social media, the little old ladies peering out from behind their net curtains and pushing unsigned messages through their neighbours’ letterboxes. Hit and run is their modus operandi. Chuck a slur then scurry back into their caves with the false name on the rock at the door.
Even more noteworthy in this case is that the sniper’s offspring is one of those whose life is a book open to the world, who incessantly posts every minute detail of their daily routine; trivia to excess.
Over the top it maybe, but it enables her “friends” (a much misused label on Facebook) to go along for the ride, sharing the laughs and tears, the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, successes and disappointments. And anyone who abuses this insight can be instantly un-Friended or totally blocked.
Strangely, my carping poster has not seen fit to ask her offspring “Why is it all about YOU?” A serious omission, I feel. But if this ever happens one can only hope she is roundly rebuked … and told to come out from behind her net curtains and join in the global chat show that FB, when used with civility and understanding, in really meant to be.
And, yes, this also is all about ME. It’s MY blog.

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