RUNNING is an uncomplicated process of placing one foot ahead of the other; similar to walking but at a faster pace. No argument with that? Good. For most people running  is a simple and easy-to-manage forward movement. One that has existed since humankind emerged from our amoebic slime and stood upright. All agreed? Excellent. In addition, for those not fully familiar with this activity, it requires the minimum of special equipment apart from ensuring the runner’s shoes are fit for purpose. That means a good fit, adequate cushioning and soles that are not totally devoid of a usable tread. Simple. Continue reading

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Grandiose gardening: the flower beds at Lanhydrock Having so far remained  free of the horrendous effects of Covid-19, I will however admit to suffering what might be considered a supplementary impact. Not the sweaty feverish three days with a headache and sore dry throat and the accompanying anxieties; they  lingered… Continue reading
You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, sang Joni Mitchell. And right now I am hoping that will be the case. Hoping that when Covid-19 testing eventually filters down to the masses, my current concerns will prove justified. That I was not giving in to hypochondria. That tests provide late confirmation of what I fear is happening as I dutifully languish in self-isolation. And, more importantly, from an admittedly selfish point of view, that I am still around to enjoy the moment. ‘See, told you so,’ I hear the body gleefully saying. ‘It was the Covid virus, not… Continue reading