The most welcome words to a writer’s eye have at last been typed: The End. After far too many months, numerous delays and self-inflicted procrastinations the fifth book in the ongoing Bromo Perkins crime fiction series has been completed. All 95,000 words of it – far more than any of the previous books and well in excess of what was intended. This, of course, is only the beginning – or at least a step along the way. Now comes the all-important revisions, inevitable rewriting and probably much pruning. Plus one other essential: a title. Several ideas have flitted into my… Continue reading
Into the home straight. The finish line is so close. I can see it, there, emerging from the mists that cloud my mind. All that’s needed is that final surge of creativity, the ramping up of the action, the delivery of drama, the concluding nail-biting moments. Then we can all… Continue reading