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And he’s in charge of what?

Seems that stream of consciousness is still in use:

THE following apologies for sentences are all complete and direct quotes from one who should know better. What happened to leading by example?

“If there is an unfairness there is nothing that I will do in order to address that unfairness.”

“[Ofqual, the exams watchdog] came to us about the concerns that they had as a result of totally unexpected results of how this was had impacted on some young people as well as external experts.”

“We, working with Ofqual, and this is what happened both in England as well as Labour and Lib Dem administrations in Wales and DUP and Sinn Fein administrations in Northern Ireland where we had confidence and the belief that the systems that we put in place and the robustness of the standarisation model that we were running that was going to be run in all those three countries would have the robustness that the Scottish system didn’t have.”

“The action that we consistently have taken working with Ofqual is tp highlight the fact and the need that the issues that were highlighted by the Education Select Committee as well as by many other different organisation have actually you know the issue to ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds weren’t going to be disadvantaged as a result …”

All as spoken by Gavin Williamson.

And, yes, he is Education Secretary.

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