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Welcome to my world. My name is Tony Berry, writer and editor (and lifelong pedant) with five crime fiction books and two memoirs to my name. Also running addict, failed chef, theatre 'luvvie' and dedicated cruciverbalist

Such a great disappointment occurs when a favourite author fails to grab your attention. Akin to the symptoms of withdrawal from addiction, the torment of going cold turkey. And it is not for want of trying. The compulsive reader perseveres. But without success. So they take a break, then return to tackle a few more pages. Determination rules. Ploughing on past the first chapter or two convinced that things will get better. “It’s not you, it’s me,” you murmur, adapting the time-honoured phrase of couples on the verge of a break-up. Surely a long-term relationship such as ours cannot have… Continue reading

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Twin terror Twins have long provided fertile ground for authors. Especially those who use such relationships to weave tales of murder and mystery. So much intrigue can flow around those whose lives are inextricably linked from the moment of birth. There is no escape. Emotions are heightened, mental ties are forged stronger than those between “ordinary” siblings. Close physical resemblance is not always there with ordinary twins. But that also applies to monoizygotic twins. And as they grow older, both types  tend to stress their differences by way of dress, activities, careers – anything to become an individual rather than… Continue reading