IT’S obviously far too late now but at least one of  Britain’s top crime solvers needs a name change. Having two of crime fiction’s best with the same surname gives readers one puzzle too many. Is it Helen or Roy who is expected to respond when someone yells “Grace”? Nor is there any easing of the confusion to have them operating within a few miles of each other. Both are on England’s south coast. Roy’s patch is Brighton and its Sussex  hinterland. Helen’s manor fans out from Southampton. Less than seventy miles between them.   About ninety minutes along the A47… Continue reading

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AMONG the many misused words littering modern communication there is surely none more abused than smart. It has several meanings.  These include clever, quick-witted, brainy, shrewd, astute and intelligent. Other synonyms on offer include savvy, perceptive and quick on the uptake. Thus expectations run high of any product or service that is labelled as smart. But the dictionary errs. In today’s world of finger-clicking clever dicks (and dickesses) the direct opposite now applies. Smart motorways have been unmasked as death traps. Smart meters are a pathway to misinformation and overcharging. Smart cards are greedily gobbled up by the machines they… Continue reading