Food and drink

DINERS everywhere are champing at the bit. No more heavy dependence on takeaways and ready meals. No more huddling outdoors beneath heaters and umbrellas to “enjoy” a meal with family and friends. We can venture inside our favourite restaurants to escape the British summer’s Atlantic gales; seated at table, a menu to peruse, staff to bring our food and drink. Just like “normal” times. Well, not quite. There will be limitations on numbers, seating and layouts, protocols to follow, regulations to adhere to. The “new normal” as it is tagged. On the other hand, some things never change. Our palates… Continue reading

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Where will it all end? When will the unwanted guardians who loom over everything we do give us our lives back? Today we have been warned of the health hazards in that time-honoured childhood pleasure of licking the bowl at cake-making time. Gawd help us. If that were so, I should have keeled over decades ago, finally succumbing to a succession of near-death experiences. Apparently, after all the pouring, mixing, stirring and churning there can still remain specks of uncooked flour. And these might contain bacteria which could lead to outbreaks of salmonella and E.coli poisoning. And, ultimately to death!… Continue reading