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Yippee, freedom . . . it’s holiday time

Aah . . . the sheer joy, relief, escape, freedom and get-away-from-it-all happiness of a holiday trip.  These hordes are lockdown escapees from the Australian state of Victoria queuing to “enjoy” the snowfields, as pictured by the Herald Sun. Yet again I am prompted to wonder what is the sense and point of holidays. Why all the endless fretting, tension, stress and anxiety to experience more of the same? Stay home, shut down the phones and computers . . .  breathe, and relax.  Isn’t that so much better?


Have a cuppa with pride, not prejudice
Better to be clever than smart

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Charles Myhill says

Could not agree more!

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Tony Berry says

Thanks, Charles. Enjoying glorious solitude at home while outside sodden and gloomy holidaymakers stream by seeking shelter from the "summer" downpour.

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