Living, coping and observing in the age of Covid #7

Jan 2021: I HAVE been on a bit of a downer. Today, however, I am showing a degree of positivity by using one of the slightly less pessimistic of the several D-words available to describe the recent state of mind and body. Yesterday the temptation was to scribe a bold placard declaring, We are all DOOMED. Well and truly done for. But today is merely a downer; an upward trend. We can still forget the longed-for return to that long-ago state of “normal”. The best we can hope… Continue reading

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Living and coping: Year #2 of Covid-19

01 Jan 2021: AND so it goes; another New Year’s Day following yet one more New Year’s Eve. Ho hum. After enduring a long line of such pairings, I still have yet to gather much sense of endings and beginnings.  Something more than the mere flicking over a page in the diary. Day follows eve; yeah, I get that. But so what? On the contrary to the usual nonsense about fresh starts, this line in the global calendar signifies more of the same. As it has always done. No different from… Continue reading