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Hold that ball and be set for life A double-take was needed. Are my weakening eyes truly failing me? Did I read that correctly? Surely it could not have been £370,000? A wage of £370,000 a week? In underpaid, impoverished, breadline Britain? Definitely has to be another typo. One not noticed by the subs. But hey, what subs? Sub-editors are a dying breed, put out to pasture, their jobs done by interns or bots. Crusty old pedants with a lifetime’s knowledge watch aghast as errors akin to this obvious monetary misprint proliferate and are ignored. Mistakes not even recognised as… Continue reading

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THERE is no denying it; the cure can be worse than the affliction. The treatment recommended, whether by professionals or fringe-dwelling lifestyle “experts”, can sometimes create more agony than the existing condition. So says one who is enjoying their first pain-free day for some while; one who has at last emerged from the inhibiting effects of months of continual fatigue. And numerous depressing side-effects. Mental and physical energy have returned to almost normal levels. Sitting slumped in an armchair, staring unseeing at the crossword, has been replaced by a brisk three-mile walk. And by general activity that has recently been… Continue reading