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Welcome to my world. My name is Tony Berry, writer and editor (and lifelong pedant) with five crime fiction books and two memoirs to my name. Also running addict, failed chef, theatre 'luvvie' and dedicated cruciverbalist

THE joys of reading are many and varied. Too many delights exist to be contained within a strictly defined list. And always they are dependent on time, place, purpose and  numerous further variables. It’s a statement clearly not made to broadcast some newly discovered truth. But uttered in the hope of spreading light into dark corners where doubters and confirmed non-readers can still be found. A truth worth repeating. One of reading’s pleasures is the TBR. This is book-lover talk for To Be Read. This is a limitless list. It can contain a single title or extend to such lengths… Continue reading

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LET’S be clear on this from the start: I bear no ill-will to anyone engaged on artistic endeavour. Certainly not to all those struggling performers, musos, writers, actors, artists, creatives, dancers, singers and all who gather under that misunderstood umbrella of culture. That said, there was a certain frisson of pleasure experienced this week in reading that “new music” is struggling. It is apparently battling against a floodtide of popularity devoted to songs created somewhat earlier than this century. T o quote the title of a jazzy, sassy number that was popular before the current generation first saw daylight, suddenly … Continue reading