AS we hurtle towards F-Day it might pay to heed the news from Australia. If you can find it. So little is ever classed by UK editors as sufficiently noteworthy to be included in their pages. Unless, of course, it is of a bushfires, mouse plagues or shark attacks. Although the latter have now been downgraded to “incidents” to avoid scaring the tourists. Which is little solace to a surfer who has donated a meaty thigh to a great white’s lunch. Hot off the press, however, is the latest development in the country’s endless battle with the pandemic. The land… Continue reading

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Unfathomable. Incomprehensible. Only a few hours after footballer Christian Eriksen was brought back to life thanks to prompt on-field action with a defibrillator, youths broke into a Sussex football club and vandalised the life-saving equipment there. Why? Such behaviour is almost beyond belief in what we like to think of as a civilised society. On the plus side, a quick response resulted in suspects being arrested. And Buxted FC has received worldwide support and financial help. But the aftertaste lingers. The thought that such devastating deeds are even contemplated, let alone carried out, casts deep doubts about this so-called caring… Continue reading