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THIS was a huge letdown. A thorough disappointment on so many fronts. And all the more so for one who has been a consistent fan of the Cormoran Strike tales from the very beginning. As evidenced by having ordered and paid for this latest saga well in advance of its publication day. We know better than to judge a book by its cover or by any other peripherals. However, for the record, this gargantuan tome weighs in at 1.35 kg  embracing 927 often tedious, torturous and meandering pages. It is, as the flyleaf puts it, “a labyrinthine epic”. No argument… Continue reading

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CRIME fiction is probably the broadest of all literary genres. And nowhere in my recent reading is this better demonstrated than by this beautifully crafted novel. Fine writing from a Grand Prix Litteraire de l’Heroine winner that mystifies and intrigues from the appealing title all the way through to its haunting other worldly conclusion. Whether a crime has been committed is largely left to the reader to decide. A sudden death is the focus of the tale but there are no bloodied bodies, shootings, stabbings, stranglings or similar murderous events. Simply a woman who disappears from the edge of an… Continue reading