Modern life

BOOKING a holiday in Cornwall? Better make sure your agent puts it in writing. Think of the poor souls desperate for a summer break who decided on a couple of weeks along the sunny (?) Cornish Riviera. Suddenly they find part of their time in a holiday park perched on the North Coast cliffs could be spent cleaning the toilets for their fellow guests (a misnomer for paying customers). For these unfortunates, time in lieu or a break in Looe suddenly takes on a new meaning. Like so much else these days, it’s all down to Covid. So many key… Continue reading

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Minimalist décor the only answer. Forget hanging pictures on your walls. At least one of them, or even a mere detail, is sure to offend someone. And you never know who or when. They will suddenly take offence, plead harm is being done, or demand reparations for some long ago act or words. Hardly a day goes by without reports of supposedly damaged persons demanding – they rarely politely ask – immediate action to salve their injured souls. And so a portrait of the Queen has been taken off the walls of the middle common room at Oxford’s Magdalen College. Continue reading